Puppy Socialisation and Dog Training in Headington, Oxford.

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Headington Dog Training Oxford Anniversary

 Welcome to the Website of Headington Dog Training


The aim of Headington Dog Training is to teach you to train your dog to be a happy, obedient and sociable pet.

He/she will learn various exercises, designed to enable you to bring your dog under your control.

Our experienced Instructors use up to date methods incorporating reward and praise based training. 

All our courses have a maximum of 8 dogs per class.

This allows the Instructors to give each individual plenty of 1 to 1 training and advice during each session.





Using kind and gentle methods, we will show you how to:  

    Examine your dog, get your dog to walk beside you on a loose lead, get them to sit, lie down and stand on command, get your dog to stay in one place for up to 2 minutes in any position.

    Get your dog to come back to you when you call them, and be socialised with other dogs and people.

    Train for and achieve the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme : Puppy foundation, adult Bronze, Silver and Gold awards

                                       (Please see individual classes for more information)

        We have Kennel Club listed status (reference number AH/0826/GCDS)                        



Headington Dog Traing Oxford Puppy class
Headington dog Training Oxford Beginners class
Headington Dog Training Oxford Advanced class


Our classes are relaxed, fun and informative, to enable both people and dogs to

learn in a calm and friendly environment.

All family members are welcome.


About us

  Established in 1983 as a non-profit making club, we regulary donate to animal charities.

Our Instructors are :

Joyce Allen, who is a member (no. 00170) of the 'Association of Pet Dog Trainers' (APDT) and has been an Instructor at Headington Dog Training for 30 years.

Martin Stroudley, who is an approved Training Instructor and member of the 'Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour' (ADTB).

Helen Stroudley, who is an approved Training Instructor and member (no 01232) of the 'Association of Pet Dog Trainers' (APDT). 

                       Martin and Helen are the Instructors for the Intermediate and Advanced classes.

Martin and Helen are the Instructors for the Puppy Training and Beginners classes.





                         Bookings now being taken for PUPPY classes starting in  

                                                             April 2019


Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour 

 Headington Dog Training - Old Headington Village Hall, Oxford, Oxfordshire -Telephone 01865-450760


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