Intermediate Dog Training Classes

This class is for vaccinated dogs over the age of 1 year when the course starts.

The Intermediate course lasts for 7 weeks. Each of the 7 sessions are 55 minutes long, with week 5 involving of a fun indoor agility night of tunnels, hoops and small jumps.

Using kind and gentle methods, we will show you how to:

Teach your dog to greet people in a controlled manner, off lead
Control your dog at gates or doorways using a “wait” and “call to heel” command, with distractions
Teach your dog to walk beside you on and off lead, past distractions
Teach your dog to leave an item of food on the floor, on command
Teach your dog to come back to you when you call them away from other dogs and people
Get your dog to focus on you (off lead) when other dogs, people and distractions are in close vicinity
Teach your dog to lie down at a distance
Get your dog to stay in one place whilst you are moving around distractions for a set period of time
Teach your dog to jump through a hoop and through a long tunnel on command
Walk your dog under control on a public highway
Train your dog to achieve the Headington Dog Training Silver Award

Intermediate Class Gallery

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